Products with multiple races in Smart kiosk

This feature opens possibility to sell combo products which contains multiple races in Smart kiosk. Now you can sell combo products with 2,3,4,… races and user can choose the time of every race.

For example, if you have a product – 2 adult races, and you also want that customer will have a break of 30 min between them, then you can create a combo product, that contains 2 product lines, and configure minimum and maximum interval accordingly. (Same way as in online booking, you can configure minimum interval on the resource, then it will be applied to all products from it, or make custom configuration on the product)

Then, on the Smart kiosk, user will need to choose 2 races from the list:

Greyed heats are not available for selection, system will automatically block it according to the interval configuration.
When you have selected all heats, then next button will become available. Click it to confirm your selection.

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