Tasks and callbacks

Starting from version, we have a new tasks and callbacks system in our booking and office. You can now make tasks and link them to reservations/offers. By default the task will be assigned to the user that’s logged in, but you can change this to assign a task to someone else.


You have an overview of all tasks, and you can filter only your tasks and only open tasks. It will show all tasks from 7 days ago up until 2 weeks in the future. If you need more, press ‘Load more tasks’ and you can select the period yourself. They are sorted based on date, then state (open first)) and then priority.

For every task there are 3 predefined actions. Snooze (this will postpone it with 1 day, this can be changed from Settings => Project Kinds and then change the ‘valid for’ field), Postpone (this will ask for how long) and Complete (which will set the state to ‘Done’).


If you open a task and it’s linked to a reservation, you can open that by clicking ‘Reservation’ in the left bottom. On a reservation you also have a ‘Task’ tab now, which will show all tasks linked to this reservation.

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