Default in or exclude activities from the reservations overview

Starting from version you can configure the default activities on reservation overview.

2020-03-30 10_51_56-Window

  1. Hide Empty: Hides all activities that have no reservations for the period selected.
  2. Load Defaults: Restores the checkboxes as configured.
  3. Save Defaults: Saves the current settings as default.
  4. Configure Defaults: Allows you to change the defaults

In an easy overview you can check and change the defaults for different screens and applications on this computer.  This screen is also available through devices.

2020-03-30 10_53_33-Window

There are three different reservation modes

  1. Checked: The resource is visible and checked by default.
  2. Unchecked: The resource is visible and unchecked by default.
  3. Hidden: The resource is invisible and unchecked by default.

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