New waiver validation mode

Currently in Fast software we had only one strict way of waiver validation. If customer didn’t sign it, then whole his account will be blocked. The staff at the POS can’t make any changes to it, cannot sell any product, until he signs it.

This feature aggressively reminds to staff member, that customer has to sign a waiver, no matter how, with signature pad at POS, or at Kiosk with on screen signature pad.

This is good, in situations when customer is present at the track. But it makes it hard to work in case of sales by phone, or any other remote sales.

For example, customer has a deposit on his account, and want to purchase something remotely (like membership).

Starting from version it will be possible to do. New way of waiver validation will allow to use person account for any purchases, except entry tickets, that requires waiver to be signed. So, cashier would be able to sell memberships, or points/credits, top up the card, etc…

You’ll need to activate the setting – Waiver validation, to make it work.

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