Supplements for each participant

Starting from version of April 4th 2020 you’ll be able to give a supplement to each and every driver at once.  This is very useful when you want to sell head-socks, power-ups or gloves to everyone.

  1. Configure the product to have a minimum quantity of 1 per participant.Product Config
  2. Configure a page of kind supplementPage config
  3. Link the target product to this supplement pageproduct config2
  4. When you insert multiple drivers inside a raceUse1
  5. After selecting the product, the supplements page will show and you can select whatever product here.
    1. The gloves and the protective clothing are configured one per one, so selling this product only sells it once.
    2. The balaclava is obligated and selling a balaclava will give everybody one balaclava.
  6. As you can see, the balaclava is incremented by 4, the gloves only by one.supplements
  7. All balaclava’s added to each individual driver.2020-04-15 13_48_04-Window
  8.  In case there is one person who brought his private balaclava, you can still delete the supplement line.  Select the line you want to remove and press the button remove.


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