Export vouchers with a configurable template

Starting from version, you can export vouchers from our software with a configurable template. It will look like this: voucher

You can configure the template yourself, in Settings => Reports => Configuration => Reports. If there’s no report with the type ‘Voucher’, you need to add it with the ‘+’ button and select ‘Voucher’ type. Double click the report to open it and go to the ‘Template’ tab. Make sure the ‘Kind’ is DXReport and not XAML (the first time you add this template, we’ll need to add it for you since it needs to happen in the database).


After that, you can use the UI to adjust the template yourself, change the size and add/remove fields.


Now you can use this template when generating vouchers. Go to Settings => Vouchers => Templates, select your desired voucher setup and go to the ‘Generate’ tab. Fill in the amount of vouchers you want to generate and press Generate. It will ask you if you want to activate the vouchers and if you’d like to export them to a CSV file. After that, it will ask you if you’d like to save the vouchers as image. If you click Yes, it will export these vouchers, to a folder named ‘Vouchers’ inside the Fast folder.


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