Advanced Online booking: Upselling, Cross-selling and Flexible Combo’s

Do you know how powerful our online booking is? It is very flexible for you to upsell/cross-sell tickets and products online. Moreover, your guests can organize their parties/events on their own!

You can customize the configuration of your online booking so that your guests can plan as many activities as possible for the visit to your center online/mobile in advance!

Here are the options for your online booking platform:


Upselling & Cross-Selling (highlight and recommended!)

You can define which products have to be upsold after purchase either as a supplement or an upselling for another activity. This functionality is extremely useful especially for activities like:

  • Karting: your guests may need to purchase a balaclava, gloves, and rent a helmet, etc. before a race.
  • Trampoline: your guests normally need to buy anti-slippery socks, or rent special costumes to stick to the jumping wall.
  • Bowling: bowling gloves and shoes.
  • Mini-golf: special golf balls and sticks.
  • Of course, a nice gold/silver/bronze medal or souvenirs can be nice to offer too.

The specific upselling products will pop up in a window shown as below:

– Simple products (food & drinks, supplements for activities, …)
– Entry products (tickets for other activities or even the same activity for another time session)










Interested? If you want to configure upselling products for your center, you can follow this tutorial.


Combo package offers

You can sell packages of products (we call it Combo) and you can decide all the products in advance or, alternatively, leave the freedom to your guest to choose his/her party package as he/she likes.

Standard Combo (Fixed Combo offer)

A ‘fixed’ combo is a standard package of tickets and products that you would like to promote as a combination together. You can define the combo packages including different activities, such as Karting&Laser, or Karting&Bowling.


Interested? If you want to configure combo packages for your center, you can follow this tutorial.


Party/event booking (Flexible Combo, recommended! )

With the ‘Flexible’ Combo option, your guests are able to book activities and products (like food and drinks) themselves and DIY their own party/event as they wish!

All they need to do is start with a party/event booking. Your guest will start with the main activity and continue with ‘Combo modifiers’. It is a list of relevant activities and products to fulfill a party/event. They can select items they want to customize a combo package.

Also, you can set up your rules for party/event customization:

  • products and activities that can be offered in the party/event booking
  • the minimum and maximum amount of products that the client can select or alternatively the minimum and maximum amount of people
  • the amount of down payment online to avoid fake booking/no-show


Interested? If you want to configure flexible combo products for your center, you can follow this tutorial.


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