Advanced user queries

The fast software already supports custom queries since the very beginning. Although this allowed us to greatly extend the functionality of the ecosystem, it was very hard to maintain and to reuse custom queries for all customers.

Starting from version, we can easily ship customized queries with our upgrades. The system will make sure that the queries remain valid and up to date.

Database queries inside packages

will automatically translate to user queries inside the system

All the advantages of type safety, dependency tracking on fields and structures, re-usability and ultimate performance are therefor made available for the new set of custom exports and queries.

SMS-Timing and BMI Leisure are brands of B&MI NV. We offer an all-in-one reliable software suite, covering all aspects of your karting & entertainment business, including strategic advising, and marketing. We help you deliver fun, relaxing, and entertaining experiences to your visitors that will keep them coming back for more!

Our system includes a comprehensive POS system, CRM management, online booking & website shop for family entertainment centers all over the globe.

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