Advanced Waiver Management

Waiver is one the crucial part of the operations as it’s very important that clients sign it before the activities for them and for their kids. We created a new waiver management system that allows you to :

  1. Check when the waiver (or waivers) was(were) signed and what’s their expiration
  2. Validation : The system warns if the client didn’t sign the waiver
  3. Be sure that all clients sign the updated version: your guests sign the updated/new waiver easily in case you had to renew it

It is possible to configure different waivers based on activities, products and based on the age.

Signatures on clients profile

Every time a client registers he signs a waiver, later on, you will see all the list of all waiver signature with the sign date and the expiration date.

Signing a waiver
Waivers signed

Warning: Waiver not signed

When you try to book a guest which didn’t sign the waiver or didn’t sign the updated one, the system informs you with a clear warning and shows you all the list of waivers which are expired and active.

Validation window

Updating the waiver

In a situation like the screenshot above, you cannot book the guests into activities because waiver is not signed, in this case you have two option:

  • send the guest an email automatically where he can sign directly from his smartphone
  • give the guest a temporary permission that will last 1 day
Updating guest waiver

Guests sign from their smartphone

By simply clicking a button, you can send the guest an email where they are able to sign the waiver in a few simple steps. Easily, on their smartphone/ipad.

Email with waiver validation

Sign manually

To avoid the bottleneck at the POS, the employee with proper user rights can manually validate the waiver and let the client do the activities. The signature in this case is valid for one day. This option is of course a workaround to the standard validation process in order to ensure the business continuity. You can decide to make use of it or not.

If you have a signature pad configured on the POS, you can ask the client to sign from there and the waiver will have the normal validity(not just one day).

Temporary validation

Kids waiver signature and validation

When registering, an adult can register one or more kids under his responsability and sign their waiver. If a kid doesn’t have a guardian signature, at the moment of validation, the system will ask to select a guardian and let him sign.

If you want to configure the waiver management please refer here or just contact us!

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