We are always working to improve our guest interaction. Our Advanced Waiver System can simplify your operation by one registration applying to all activities and venues. According to your needs, you can choose to collect signatures via our waiver system digitally or with real handwriting. There is also an option for waiver centralization: Your customer can sign up a waiver once for all activities, and it synchronizes to all venues at different locations for franchises. (Attention: Please check the local legislation and regulation to see if this one-time waiver feature is valid for your different venues.)

Your guests can sign a waiver digitally from your Touch-Screen Kiosks, from online booking, online registration, and mobile app. You can customize your guest registration flow depending on your needs, and also take advantage of our contactless solutions to be aligned with the new Covid Free Standards.

If you prefer that your clients make a “real” signature by using a signature pad on the Kiosk, from version you are able to do so.

What you need to do is to connect a Signature Pad on your kiosk, and configure the survey.

For all the steps you can follow this tutorial.

If you don’t have our latest stable version, send an email to support@sms-timing.com or support@bmileisure.com and we will schedule a software update for you.

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