BMI Mobile App: E-Wallet Feature

BMI Mobile App for your center is evolving over time. In order to improve the guest experience and make it easy to let your guests check their profile, the new feature of our mobile app: E-Wallet is here!

Your guests are able to check their membership profiles in your family entertainment center/karting center via our mobile app, including their membership validation information, money & deposits, rewards & coupons, etc. This is a fast way for them to check the overview. It will streamline your operation at the venue. Guests will not ask about their deposits or credits anymore with the help of E-Wallet!

Let’s go over the details of this feature.

An example of a digital membership

Digital membership

As you may know, your guests with our mobile app can access their membership by showing their QR codes on their phones. The staff member simply scans the QR code and all their profile and information will be shown on the POS terminal of our Booking system. There is no need for physical plastic member cards to show to the cashiers.


Guests are able to check their deposited money at the venue in their account on their app. The E-money can be used to pay for any products and activities later, easily and cashlessly. How? Simply scanning their digital membership.

An Overview of E-Wallet on the mobile app


Guests can collect their credits after finishing their activities. Those credits can also be called points (depending on the center). The credits or points can both be redeemed for products or activities when needed (conditions apply according to pricing and promotions).


Guests can have a general overview and keep all the vouchers they have in the E-Wallet on the mobile app. They can use it simply by scanning the vouchers (QR codes) from their phone! No more missing promotions or lost coupons for your guests. All the vouchers that guests buy online or onsite, gift cards sent by their friends, voucher got by promotions will be updated automatically in the E-Wallet, which saves time for both you and your staff members!

An Example of an E-Voucher

E-Wallet feature is already available on the mobile app and you don’t need to do anything to activate it. If you have questions, please send an email to or to Our client success team will be more than happy to help.

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