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Online payment terms and conditions (“Terms”) are legally obligatory worldwide and also vary by geography. In order to better serve family entertainment centers (FECs)/karting centers operating online with our online booking/mobile booking platform, it is now possible to show the terms and request consent before the guest starts payment, whcih avoids legal disputes and financial risks.

There are several options to set up the payment amount online:

  • Full payment online upfront
  • Certain percentage (%) of deposit online upfront
  • No payment upfront and only pay at the venue upon arrival

Regarding different products and activities, you can also define the rules of payment as you like.

For example: single tickets can be paid for the full amount online upfront, while group tickets require a 50% deposit upfront and the rest half being paid at the reception.

Learn more about our Advanced online booking Payments here.  Invoices can be sent automatically online or onsite after configuration in our Back Office System.

Learn more about our automatic invoice feature here.

Payment and booking terms

Payment and booking terms need to be clear to your guests in order to prevent any misunderstanding or disputes in the future. Your guests have the legal rights to know in advance and you definitely do not want to end up with some legal issues. Here is a list of terms that you might need from various payment suppliers.

Reference: Payment terms of various payment suppliers

Accepting Payments and Booking terms in BMI’s online booking

You can make a conscious choice of letting your guests read your Payment and Booking terms and agree on them explicitly or not explicitly on our online booking platform.

If you prefer the explicit agreement, you can set the mandatory accepting terms. It means that your guests must accept online booking terms and conditions before they go to payment. We’ve made this very easy and clear in our online booking system as below.

Example of payment terms consent

Follow the tutorial here if you want to add the mandatory accepting payments online.

Alternatively, you can let the guests accept them implicitly(recommended) so they can proceed to payment without any other steps in between booking and payment. This will ensure to have a higher conversion rate in your online booking statistics by simplifying the online booking flow and steps.

Example of implicit payment terms consent

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