Users shared between tracks

Multi-center business can have users, shared between centers. In case if one staff member works on few or switched to other center, it  is possible

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Transactional Stock

In the upcoming version the stock management back-end is completely rewritten. The engine is switched to a transactional engine. The new engine stores each

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Daily close reservations

Starting from version a daily closure of the reservations is possible. The goal of this screen is to assist the trackmanager in closing all

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Advanced user queries

The fast software already supports custom queries since the very beginning. Although this allowed us to greatly extend the functionality of the ecosystem, it was

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Performance increase in booking screen

More and more customers have activities that allow them to subscribe hundreds and hundreds of participants in the same session. The existing software took sometimes

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Hide sensitive totals

On many screens: (payments, bills, tabs, stock) “totals” are availble. In case it is preferred not to show these totals, you can disable them with

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