Advanced clock in and out

Starting from version, we made some big improvements on the existing clock in and out system. You can now clock in and out from

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Country sensitive formatting of addresses

Starting of version both database and client format street and city depending on the country. Country sensitive formatting is also supported for custom databasequeries

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Reason of discount

Not really the hottest feature, but starting from version the software and the database will show you the reason of the discount. This can

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Day templates and schedules

With all the added platforms to the eco-system it became very hard to manage all different opening hours. When will I allow booking at the

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Merging member profiles

In version it is possible to manually merge member profiles with an intuitive interface. Select the members inside the member’s screen, the last one

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Restyled invoices

Also the invoicing module has undergone a clear restyling. Important fields are now easy accessible. Important data is highlighted so you can’t miss it anymore.

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Restyled offers

Starting from version 5191201 the software will have a much brighter look. The goal is to remove all clutter from the screen and assist you

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