Translate states to readable names

When extending the software with custom queries or reports, it is sometimes needed to translate values in the database to readable states. The query below

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New waiver validation mode

Currently in Fast software we had only one strict way of waiver validation. If customer didn’t sign it, then whole his account will be blocked.

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Tasks and callbacks

Starting from version, we have a new tasks and callbacks system in our booking and office. You can now make tasks and link them

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Human readable periods of time

Configuring periods of time seems to be one of the hardest operations in our software.  What will it be, how does this setting affect that

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Overbooking in the Booking

Starting from version, you can overbook from the Booking if the ‘Reservation Mode’ of your resource is set to ‘Overbooking’. Whenever you try to

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Manual discounts in Booking

Starting from version, you can easily give a discount for some or all products/persons in a bill. In the payment screen, you have a

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Users shared between tracks

Multi-center business can have users, shared between centers. In case if one staff member works on few or switched to other center, it  is possible

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