Date and time functions

Nerd alert, not for all audiences Hi We have reworked all the date, time and related functions inside the database to make use of the

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Timetraveling for Power-Bi

Spoiler alert: Nerd-article The SMS-Timing software is more and more used as a single tool to run an entire business or family entertainment center.  Also

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Translate states to readable names

When extending the software with custom queries or reports, it is sometimes needed to translate values in the database to readable states. The query below

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Performance and settings

To keep our database nice and tidy, following helper methods are added Increase performance during batch operations SYS_CTX_UPDATE allows you to change the state of

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Transactional Stock

In the upcoming version the stock management back-end is completely rewritten. The engine is switched to a transactional engine. The new engine stores each

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