Online Modules

How to create a family package

Introduction This tutorial explains how to create a family package in the online booking. Kindly note that family package only works in online booking. To

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How to add/change scoregroups

Introduction This tutorial explains how to adapt or configure scoregroups. We have 2 types of scoregroups which is static and dynamic. Dynamic scoregroup: Means that

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E-gift cards in online booking

Starting from version, you can buy e-gift cards in our online booking. We will then automatically email the gift card to the recipient. In

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Human readable periods of time

Configuring periods of time seems to be one of the hardest operations in our software.  What will it be, how does this setting affect that

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New template for login email

We have improved the template for our default login email. It looks better on desktop and mobile devices. Colors depend on the settings for the

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USA Payment processors

With our growing market share in the USA, we understand that our POS needs to become more accessible to the US market. One of the

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Day templates and schedules

With all the added platforms to the eco-system it became very hard to manage all different opening hours. When will I allow booking at the

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