Because of a lot of demands from our customers, we decided to make a clock in / out system.

To open it you can click in the right mouse menu on settings => Clock in/out or press F8.
You can enter your pincode and press Ok or Clock in/out button. It will show message who clocked in, together with a list of all currently clocked in people and how long they are clocked in.

If you double click a line, you can also edit it (if someone for example forgot to clock-out), but only if you have System user rights. If you have Security rights, you’ll also see the field ‘Hour Rate’ that you can adjust.
Hour rate is configurable on User screen. If you fill in End Date, it will automatically close shift. The report for it is not ready yet, that will be something for next week, but then at least Monday you can already start using it.

When you use this functionality as a manager, you will be able to make a nice report of your staff and hours / rate included.

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