Compensations for Stock Management

For an entertainment center, it is very important to keep track of all discounts, free sales and understand the reason behind it.

From our version 6.22.x.x we have a brand new concept : Compensation.

A discount can be a code or a button that will decrease the cost of a product by a percentage or a fixed amount: it applies for seasonal promotions, loyalty programs, special event pricing, special deals, employee prices, etc.. 

A compensation can be a code or a button that is applied to a special sale which is delivering some products so they count in the Stock, but in return there is no payment (or just partial payment) for it. This feature is only available if you use the Stock Management module and you need to keep track of the products and their quantity in stock. For this reason you need a feature that :

  • allows the employee to sell the product for free(or lower price)
  • will report the reason
  • will make sure that the stock is counted

All products which are sold with a compensation will show in the stock margin report. If you are using a normal discount, it will not show in the margin report, but it will still be counted into the stock as an used product.

Use Cases :

1. Selling wrong product(100%)

It can happen that a client orders a specific product (eg. an Ice tea) and for mistake, the staff delivers an other product (eg. a Cola). In this case, to make sure the client is satisfied, the employee should give the correct product to the client as well. In this case, this product is given to the client but there will be no payment anymore.

2. Sales to the staff(100% or different)

Sometimes, staff have the possibility to buy free products from the Center(or at a lower price). To make sure that Stock and Sales Report are well aligned, it is possible to use the compensation for the Staff that will be displayed as a Staff discount. This will clarify the reason for the redacted price.

3. Pre-paid(100% or different)

In some cases, you got a pre-payment from an external system which is not directly integrated with the software, or in another case a client book a all-in package. For this reason you can use Pre-Paid compensation to compensate for the payment which was done already. Example : a client purchases a  ‘event package’ and get drinks included

P.S. Stock counting and reporting is only available for clients who have stock Management implemented and included in their modules.

The employee can apply the compensation before paying the bill or when the bill is on Tab.

Here below an example of applying a compensation(same way as a discount) :

Applying Compensation
Compensation is shown on the bill

How it is shown in the Margin report:

Stock Margin report

If you want to know more, or you are interested in Stock Management module, click here.

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