We released a new online kiosk in version FAST The new online kiosk is the new online registration system designed to be more flexible and customizable. There are more options for our clients to choose and change in terms of design. In this way, your online registration is more personal for your family entertainment center and more recognizable for your brand. 

Design for Online Kiosk

Regarding UX design, you can decide with more options for your online registration webpage on your website:

  • The general background layout color (black/white)
  • The general frame/ theme color (for buttons and headers)
  • Upload a nice background image
  • Customize the font background and font colors










Reservation Registration (Online Waiver feature)

Clients can log in to a reservation by scanning the reservation QR code or filling in the reservation code. They will be linked automatically in your reservation system like it happens with the Event Subscription system. You can easily access the reservation and registration information from our booking system (POS) or Back Office (Also online and mobile).










The new online kiosk is accessible via a simple link and you can decide to put it in your Online Booking process in order to let your guest register online in advance as well.


Do you want to configure it? Follow this tutorial.

If you don’t have our latest stable version, send an email to support@sms-timing.com or support@bmileisure.com and we will schedule an update.

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