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With all the added platforms to the eco-system it became very hard to manage all different opening hours. When will I allow booking at the reception, when will online booking be open, when can people use the smart kiosk. Can I configure holiday templates, can I mark days as closed, others as open or just open, but not for customers. For example stock counting, maintenance, …

Starting from version, yes, the first one of the new year, a new feature: “day templates” are added to the planning mechanism.

Once you have configured your templates and linked them the setups, you can use and reuse as much of them. The advantage of this is that you can make last minute changes in your calendar without changing periods, setups, … Just set the day from “open” to “closed” and the entire system will know what schedule to use for that day.

When designing your day templates think carefully. There are three different types of a day, an open business day, a maintenance day and a closed day. Each of these types have different purposes, work with good distinct colors. We predefined the most common concepts, you can activate them

Open: Normal working day. Staff and visitors are expected. Booking and online booking are active
Maintenance: Although staff is expected, visitors aren’t. Typical days are annual stock counting, maintenance, … Online booking isn’t available.
Closed: Obviously, neither staff or visitors are expected. Online booking isn’t available.

Next step, try to limit yourself. Is it really needed that a Wednesday during the holidays has a different layout then a Thursday. Every complexity you add here, will help you in misconfiguring the system. It is much easier to check and maintain 6 templates. Especially when you multiply this by your different activities. If you have 10 activities and you make 10 different templates, well, you have 100 things that need to be correct.

The second part is more complicated. You need to make sure that for each template you designed, per resource, you also make a day setup. This is the same as before. Instead of “fixed periods”, you select now the dynamic templates when a setup should be active.

Now you can move to the last part. Filling in the calendar. You can fill in and change as much and as often as you want.

With the combination click, shift + drag (add a range) and ctrl + click (add a single day) you can mark days in the calendar. On top, you’ll see your day templates and a clear button. Select one of these and the day is configured.

In the right part of the screen you have a clear overview how this day template will be handled by all the different resources.

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