Deep Links for Online Booking

Deep links are the simple way to promote your activities and products digitally online and redirect your guest for more sales. Your online booking platform is the most important revenue generator for your center. It will transform online traffic from your website or mobile app to real guests showing up in your family entertainment center/ karting tracks!

This means Online Booking should be a very important part of your marketing plan. The question is: How to easily redirect people to your booking platform? I am going to show you something that might be very useful to enhance your online marketing to another level!

Online Booking Deep Links

You are able to use the link to:

  • the main online booking page
  • a specific page/category of the platform
  • a specific product

The usage on these links is unlimited: website, emailing campaigns CTA buttons, social media stories and posts, QR codes in the center…


On the website, it is very common to have a visible “Book now” button that will redirect to the general booking platform. It is also recommended to have an explanation of all products categories. On each category, you can link to the specific page link. For example, for all different activities such as Escape Room, Bowling, Karting, Lasertag, Vouchers&Giftcards, etc.. or divided by client category Kids ticket, Adult ticket, etc. We also offer our personal recommendations based on our 20 years of worldwide experience in order to deliver the best result for your online digital performance.

website online booking deeplink

Marketing Campaign & Social Media

Your marketing plan usually includes variations of product based on the season or based on a specific holiday, the offer of a specific package. You can promote this offer in your emailing campaigns and social media while adding a direct link to the product! Clients will be redirected to the specific promotional product, and they can make a reservation in a few simple steps without too many clicks!

deep link for email campaign

QR codes in the venue

One of our simplest contactless solutions is the creation of QR codes to redirect clients to a specific upselling product when they are in the center and they have just finished their activity by using visible QR codes around your venue

The QR code would be something like “Book your next session here”, the redirect would be to a specific product or page. It can be put at the entrance of your center, next to the cashier counter, on tables in the bar/cafeteria area, or wherever it is visible to guests in the center. Your guest will be curious and scanning the QR codes is a fast and simple way to boost your sales.


So where to find your deep links? Here you can find the answer.


SMS-Timing and BMI Leisure are brands of B&MI NV. We offer an all-in-one reliable software suite, covering all aspects of your karting & entertainment business, including strategic advising, and marketing. We help you deliver fun, relaxing, and entertaining experiences to your visitors that will keep them coming back for more!

Our system includes a comprehensive POS system, CRM management, online booking & website shop for family entertainment centers all over the globe.

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