Advanced Online Booking Payments: configuration per product

Our online booking system offers different payment options and allows you to customize the setup based on your local government regulations or your internal needs. This is very useful especially nowadays that you might need to request your guests to make a reservation in advance in order to be able to come to your family entertainment centers and enjoy all the activities!

As you might know with our Advanced Online Booking Payment, you already can:

  • Allow clients to choose if they want to pay online, or just confirm a reservation online and then pay when they are at the center (Flexible payment methods)
  • Force the clients to pay online (100% online payment)
  • Ask a minimum percentage (from the total bill) as a deposit online, and pay the rest onsite (percentage down payment)
  • Set different payment conditions for each different product (product based payment)

From version, you can choose to allow some products to be paid on site. You might want that clients are able to choose if they want to pay on-site or online. From now on you can also decide what products need online payment, and what products can be paid onsite at the visit. This means that you can “force” clients to pay online for specific products and give them the choice for other products. (product based flexible payment)

For this purpose, we have developed a new setting on the Product Group: “Allow Pay on Site”

When a client book online for a product with “Allow Pay on Site” set on false, then he/she will be forced to pay the bill online; otherwise, he/she cannot confirm his/her order.

The most common question is about the online voucher. With this setting, you can let clients pay online vouchers when ordering via online booking and give them the choice to pay on-site for the other products.

In this example, all products except vouchers are allowed to be paid on site.

Scenario 1: Booking products which can be paid on site

Clients can choose if they want to pay online or confirm and pay at the center.


Scenario 2: Booking products that can only be paid online

Clients cannot choose how they want to pay and they are forced to pay online


To be able to Pay on Site, you need to enable the option by adding a new payment provider called “Pay on-site” and a new payment method settled on that “Pay on-site” payment provider.





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