New Release: Firebird 4 switch

Our backing database has matured again. Live replication, native time zone support, and many other features will define our product for the future.

You can find all information on

B&MI is already preparing this next release. Starting from version we will ship both versions of Firebird. Version three will be the main version and version 4 will be used on certain test sites. Only after a six-monthly burn-in, we will switch to firebird four and use new features.

To recognize if your system is Firebird 4 ready, you can check the fast home folder.  If both “Firebird” and “Firebird4” folders are available, you might be eligible for an upgrade.

Dual Firebird system

Inside these folders, you have batch files that could help you if you have a fair understanding of what you’re doing.  If not… please use the support tool.

To switch versions using the support tool, please start the support tool and go to the tab Database

  1.  You can only press the opposite version.  If you are currently on Firebird 3, you can only upgrade to Firebird 4.
  2. This area is reserved for feedback.

After you pressed this button a dialog will ask you for your true intentions.  Secondly, all available databases will be proposed to migrate, but in case you somehow know better, you can select different databases or do a sub-selection of this.

After you agreed on both dialogs, the conversion will start.  You cannot abort this process, from now on it is too late and you can only sit this one out.  In case you need to revert, you’ll have to revert it manually depending on the state.  The original database is ALWAYS preserved with extension.Fb3 or.Fb4.

You can switch between firebird 3 and 4 as long as we don’t use specific syntax. If you are noticing weirdness, you might want to try it again on firebird 3 and see if it is an undocumented feature or most likely, just your code.

Have fun with switching to Firebird 4.

If you have any question, please do not hesitate to contact us by sending emails to or










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