Gamification features: Power-ups, boosts, extra-lives, …

Starting from version 6200504, we improved our gamification features, and a new type of virtual currency is introduced: Power-ups, boosts, nitros, bombs, …  No matter how you call it, it is supported in our software.

Although our software is fully ready for gamification, Hardware wise we might depend on your kart-, laser- or other manufacturer.  Depending on the communication with them, you can unlock the full power of SMS-Timing power-ups in your other activities.

Configuration of Gamification feature Power-up

Currently the best interface of our gamification-engine is with Rotax Sonic E-Karts.  These karts allow us to send different kind of “boosts” and power-tweaking configurations to them.  After the race, we are also informed on additional boosts gained, lost and when they are used.

Gamification Scenario 1: How to give every race 3 power-ups.

The goal here is to give every race exactly 3 power-ups, the system needs to manage it automatically and after the race, the power-ups are lost.

Step one is to configure a virtual currency that manages these deposits and fill in the attributes correct.

gamification feature configuration 1

  1. Kind should be set to PowerUp
  2. Automatic deposits must be switched Off.  Otherwise deposits are assigned during the sales process and not during the race process.
  3. Set the Volatile to on.  Volatile means power-ups will only be valid for a single race.

Next step is to configure the product to use these power ups.

gamification feature configuration 2

Fill in the correct amount of power-ups that should be returned whenever this race starts.  Now you can sell the races.  Depending on the type of race, you can give different amounts.  A single race might have 3, while a 2 hour-race will start with 20 power-ups.

gamification feature configuration 3

If you like you can add the column power-ups to the timing overview.

gamification feature configuration 4

If you use, buy, win or lose power-ups during your games, you will find them back inside the passing screen.

gamification feature configuration 5

Gamification Scenario 2: Buying or trading additional power-ups

The software also supports buying additional power-ups through the Booking, Smart Kiosk and online booking.  This system can be used for people redeeming arcade-points to power-ups, die-hards buying additional power-ups or for whatever reason.

To allow power-ups to be bought, sold, transferred and exchanged from other games, you need to configure the deposit first.  Almost the same steps as before, but some attributes are different.

gamification feature configuration 6

  1. Make sure you configure the kind as PowerUp
  2. Since you are buying and selling them, you might give validity a thought.  By default it is set to one year.
  3. In contrary to the previous scenario, Automatic deposit should be On.
  4. Automatic withdrawel should be on, otherwise the power-ups won’t be used automatically when you start a session.
  5. Volatile can be on or off.  I you sell power-ups, I would recommend to put it on.
    • Off: All unused power-ups that were bought, traded, will be returned to the persons profile.  He doesn’t lose them and can use them inside the final.
    • On: All unused power-ups are lost and will not return to the persons profile.

Next, configure a product to “buy” these power-ups.

gamification feature configuration 7

Give it a clear name configure the price, can be money or any other loyalty system, on the return side, fill in the amounts of power-ups returned.

Last configuration step, add it to a page.

gamification feature configuration 8

You can now use it in the booking, smart-kiosk or online booking.

gamification feature configuration 8

In the timing, these boosts are already added to your race.

gamification feature configuration 9

  1. The product we used was a single race, remember that every single race starts with 3 power-ups.
  2. We currently have two additional manual boosts available, these are added as well.
  3. Brings the total of boosts before the race to 5.

If you start this race you will see the usage of power-ups in the passings.

gamification feature configuration 10

Remember, depending on the flag Volatile, unused boosts might return to the profile.  In a combination like this, we have 3 volatile power-ups  from the product and 2 power-ups that we bought.  In case you only use 4 power-ups, 1 will go back to the profile.  If you use 2 power-ups in total, only 2 will return to the profile.

Gamification Scenario 3: Hardcore assigning manual boosts

It is also possible to invent a power-up system that forces you to assign the boosts to a predefined race.  This is interesting if you have a race or a game and you want to be sure that every participant has the same advantage over the different games.   For example, you buy 10 boosts, 3 for qualifier, 5 for semi-final and 2 for the finals.

The steps are almost the same as the Scenario 2, but the configuration is a bit different.


  1. Make sure the Kind is set to Power Up
  2. Make sure the Automatic withdraw is switched Off
  3. Make sure Automatic deposit is switched On
  4. I would recommend Volatile to be switched Off


Buy the boosts as you usually do.  Remember, these are manual boosts, the system won’t collect them.  In the next step you can assign them to a particular driver in a particular race.

You see these power-ups also being added in the passings.

Beginning of the race

Another advantage of manual boosts is that you can also add them during the race.  Imagine people bought extra power-ups.  Through the booking and the Timing you can assign them to this race.  This mode is not possible with the automatic steps.

  1. Power ups currently in use
  2. Power ups available on profile, not assigned to the race
  3. Power ups that will be added to the race.


After you press OK, the power ups are available for usage.


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