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HTTP cookies, so-called web cookies, internet cookies, or browser cookies, are small blocks of data created by a web server while a user is browsing a website and placed on the user’s computer or other devices by the user’s web browser. Cookies are placed on the device used to access a website, and more than one cookie may be placed on a user’s device during a session. (*Source:

New Feature to improve the quality experience at every touchpoint

As we all know, normally when you visit a website, the HTTP cookie notification will pop out and ask you to “accept” or “refuse”. Notifications and agreements are very important for privacy reasons. When it comes to tracking cookies for marketing reasons, it can be an issue. Your guests do not want to be bombarded by tons of promotional advertisements. GDPR compliant cookie policy needs to be set up properly.
Therefore, from version we have this functionality in our Online Booking. A window will automatically pop up with a notification about HTTP Cookie policy. It will allow customers to accept or reject tracking cookies on the website of Online Booking page. It will look as below.

Online Booking HTTP cookies Tracking

You can also track accepting cookies in Google Analytics or Facebook Pixel, for domain tracking, we provide the following service:

Currently, we have a few triggers that we can configure through our Google Tag Manager.

– We have eCommerce triggers to measure purchases.

– General GA pageview trigger to see statistics how/who/when people arrive in the online booking module

– Facebook Pixel triggers to see who/when comes into our online booking from Facebook (adds)

Before you ask us to configure for you, we kindly ask you to share your Google Analytics key and Facebook Pixel snippet. Check the support tutorial here.

You can also check the Facebook page to see how to generate Facebook Pixel snippet here.
If you want to enable this tracking, send an email to or

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