Look up an online booking

Looking for an online reservation can be done in multiple ways. Option 1: Whenever a customer comes and claims they’ve made an online reservation the easiest way is to ask them for their booking confirmation. This is the email they’ve got when the reservation was completed so if they have difficulties finding it, you can encourage them on looking to the day they’ve made the reservation. Once the customer has the reservation confirmation you can scan the QR code in the email with the barcode scanner. Online booking confirmation email example Option 2: If the customer does not have a confirmation email you can also look them up in the schedule by asking their name. Any reservation will be shown as a colored bar under a session block. In the reservation bar, you will see the reservation name and amount of persons on the reservation. you can open the details of the reservation by clicking it. Multiple reservations for the same session block will show under each other.   Option 3: If someone inquires about a reservation made on another day then today you can use the date field to navigate to that day or you can get a list view of the reservations on the reservation page. reservation overview    

Activities in the future should always be made into a reservation!

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