What are these little tickets everywhere?

You mean, these?
entry ticketThose are what we refer to as entry tickets. Each schedulable activity can give this ticket to each customer for each session.
Going to fast?

Let me put it in an example:
A group of 3 buys a coke, every person 2 races, each an arcade card with $10 value, and 2 accesses to the escape room.
This means they’ll have 8 entry tickets.

  • coke has no schedule so no entry ticket (0)
  • 3 times 2 races so 6 entry tickets (6)
  • 3 times $10 arcade is no tickets (6)
  • 2 persons access to the Escape room so 2 tickets (8)

These tickets need to be given to the customers so they can be checked and redeemed at the activity.


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