The easiest way to start selling is to ask people what they want to do. Is it go-karts, laser tag, paintball, anything that is scheduled you will find on the left side of your screen.

Activity overview

to switch between activities simply press the icon on your touch screen or move and click the mouse. Once you selected the right activity you’ll see the assigned schedule. It is possible that the background color of the activity is different to give you a better experience distinguishing the activities.Schedule example

A schedule exists of multiple blocks, each block represents a single session. The most important specifics about a session are the start time, the duration, the maximum amount of participants. The name and start time are shown in the left top corner of each block and the occupancy is indicated with a line and counter at the bottom of each block.Regular heat

Furthermore, you will see there is a color-coding system in the session overview, These colors are depending on the state of the session.

An empty session has only basic information. basic heat
A running session will always be green.
The next planned session is always blue.
A finished session will be indicated with a checkered flag.

Note imageBy default, the next session with at least 1 participant is set to be the next planned session. However, you can also manually assign the next heat with a right-click and selecting “set as next session”.

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