Functionality is currently only available for customers who aren’t linked to other customers through the cluster.


Merging duplicated accounts

Fast software allows you to deduplicate your member profiles on regular basis.  It is good to do this, people won’t have multiple accounts with loyalty programs, multiple accounts on the mobile application,s or online booking.

You can find this tool under the submenu of persons.


After a little bit of processing the Mass merge tools pops up.  It shows you all profiles where the system thinks doubles might exist.  By interpreting different fields we try to decide if a person profile fits into any of these categories

  1. Keep:  This is the master profile, this is the profile that the system will keep when you merge profiles.
  2. Manual: These are profiles we require you to process.  You can decide to “empty the email address”, “hide it permanently from the merge tool” or ” merge it with the master profile”.
  3. Automatic: These are profiles with so many fields in common with the master profile, that we can automatically merge them on your behalf.  It checks if Email + birthdate + Full name matches. NOTE: be careful if Birthdate or Full name are not obligatory to fill in Kiosk. Because if Birthdate is not filled for example – only combination of Email + Full name will be used. In this case there is a risk to merge Family members.
  4. An overview of all profiles that should be processed.
  5. An overview of open credits, points or liabilities to these profiles.  If you merge, all liabilities will also be merged, they will not be lost.
  6. Empty email:
    You can press the empty email option if think the system has detected this record as a faulty record.  The e-mail address is obviously fake, for example “”.  People didn’t enter a proper address, you will never be able to reach them and by sending them mails, eventually, it will increase your spam ranking.
    If you notice email addresses that are fake, please empty them.  They will not show anymore in the merge screen and you only need to do this once.
  7. Hide permanently:
    Sometimes a group of persons, often a family, register with the same e-mail address.  It is better not to empty the mail since this means you will lose data, you can hide them permanently from the merge tool.  The advantage of this is that this profile will not show up anymore and next time you process the members, you will not need to waste time comparing them again.
  8. Manual Merge:Once you click the manual, you will get a detailed overview of the operation you will do.  It will also allow you to make changes.
    1. Good:  this is the profile that the system will keep.
    2. Bad: these profiles will be merged into the master record.
    3. Change to good: In case you disagree with the systems selection of the master profile, you can use the option “Change to good” behind the right-mouse button to replace the master profile.  This makes sense when your pictures or data are much more recent.
    4. Remove from merge: this profile will not be merged into the master profile.  This is an option that is very useful when you accidentally have a child subscribed using the same e-mail address.  The system might detect it as a duplicate, but you can still remove it here from the actual operation.
  9. Automatic Merge:
    The automatic merge will process all records that are marked with “Automatic” in the first column.  It is an operation that might save you some time.  I find it good practice to start with “Automatic” and after that process all the remaining records manually.
  10. Nightly Automatic Merge:
    The system can run the automatic merge on a nightly basis.  This saves you a bit of extra time, but I would recommend you start with manual operations first.  After you feel ok with the interpretation of the system’s decisions, you can activate this option.Open the System-Settings screen and search for “Merge”
    Activate the automatic merge option by setting the value to True.


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