Advanced Guest Interaction- New Mobile-Friendly Online Booking

Guests are booking tickets and products online every day and many of them are used to use their smartphones to do online shopping at their convenience. It is time to consider the guest experience on mobile devices and make our online booking more mobile-friendly.

From version, we have new layout options for our online booking in our mobile app! You can customize the look of your online booking for a mobile version.

You can have your own way to display you online booking products on the phone, for example putting more emphasis on the names of the products to give a clear overview or adding more attractive pictures or description for a sharp look.

From now on, you can decide the layout of the online booking in the mobile version.


EXTENDED VERSION (Full/ Standard Layout of Online Booking)

The extended version is the standard desktop version. For each item, you can see the name of the product, the image of the product, the detailed description, the special note/ reminder, and the price. This version gives a full overview of each product in detail and the guest can read through everything without any click.

Advantage: Clear and informative. Your guests will not miss anything before hit the “Book now!” button.

Disadvantage: Might not be the best layout for mobile phones as people need to scroll down a lot to see all the products in the list if your descriptions are long.



The collapsed version is a much simpler version: it will only show the name of the product with the price, which looks much more compact in mobile online booking. With collapsible items, you can click on the “More info…” button and it will show the description and image of the item as in the standard version.

Advantage: Simple and easy. Your guests will have a simple overview of all your products at a glance. 100% mobile phone friendly without image loading.

Disadvantage: People have to hit the “More info…” to read details, which requires more action from the user side. It might arise more misunderstanding and dispute if the guests book the products quickly without reading the descriptions and conditions for the products.




This version is a “compromised version” of the two versions mentioned above. In this version, it will show you the name of the product, an image, and the price. All other related descriptions and notes will be hidden in the “More info…” button.

Advantage: User friendly for mobile phones. Intuitive especially with the product images.

Disadvantage: People have to hit the “More info…” to read details, which requires more action from the user side.



How to configure?

Do you want to change this configuration? Just go to System – Setting – System and look for “Mobile Product view mode” and select the desired option.


If you have any questions related to this new feature, please do not hesitate to send an email to or We are happy to help you out!

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