From the version there is a new section in Mobile Assistant called “Sales Insights”. It shows in real time amount of products that were sold and the revenue. Also it shows amount of checked in people (for more information about check in see our blog post):

You can configure products or product groups that will be visible on this page by pressing filter icon in the top right corner:

With this feature you can quickly access the sales information from the past or track it in real time for today


SMS-Timing and BMI Leisure are brands of B&MI NV. We offer a reliable software suite, from which you can cover all aspects of your karting & entertainment business, strategic advising, and marketing. By giving you these tools you can deliver your visitors fun, relaxing, and entertaining experiences that will keep them coming back for more!


POS system, CRM management, booking scheduling and online booking/ website shop for family entertainment centers.


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  1. Are we able to limit what users can see on the app? We do not necessarily need our track marshals seeing our sales data, nor do we want our sales team accidentally stopping a race.

    1. Hi Seth,

      The system lets you decide to (dis)allow certain parts of the Mobile Marshall.
      You can do this by enabling/disabling the appropriate rights to the user group.
      Like this, you can allow all administrative people to see the financial side while the track marshals only have access to the operational part.

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