Since the version there is a new exciting feature in the Mobile Assistant app. It allows you to check in people using any kind of mobile device or tablet.

It works in cooperation with our Online Booking. When people make online booking, they receive a QR code and a link to pre-register all participants to their booking

In the Mobile Assistant there is a new “Check in” section

On this page you need to scan a QR code from the reservation using button in the bottom right corner. It will load all details about the reservation:

You will see the time of reservation, amount of persons and list of products that were bought. For anybody who did not register or did not sign a waiver there will be a clear color indication. By pressing “Register” or “Sign waiver” buttons a screen will be opened with a QR code that has to be scanned by a person to register or sign the waiver. Our Event Subscription module will be used for that:

People can register, sign a waiver and they will be automatically linked to the reservation. After everybody is registered you can do the check in for the whole group with one click:

You can also check in people one by one, in case somebody is arriving later. When person is checked it is clearly indicated with green color:

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