Daily Pass, Seasonal Pass, short terms Pass, discounted Pass, Business Pass, multi-uses Pass,…, all kind of passes you need for your center are finally here!

Passes offer free or discounted entry for events and activities. They can be customized based on your needs. They can be personal or corporate.

We have three main kind :

Simple Passes

A Simple Pass is a personal pass that is worth for a specific amount of entries in a specific period. Example: 1 Entry Pass, 2 Entry Pass, 10 Entry Pass

Unlimited Passes

A Personal Unlimited Pass can be used for unlimited times in a specific timeframe. Example: Day passes, month passes, year passes, season passes, etc..

Group Passes

The importance of this kind of Pass is that it can apply to a group of people instead of a single person. Most common are Family Passes and Business Passes. They can be simple or Unlimited. You can decide the maximum amount of people that can use it and how much usage in a timeframe.

Example of Passes

The Passes are able to give full entry to the activity or grant a discount of each entry. You can keep control of the usages and you can fix also maximum usage per timeframe.

Example : 10 Entry Pass that can be used for 10 times within a month, but only 1 time per day.

Feel free to explore all possibilities! Read this tutorial to configure it.

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