To keep our database nice and tidy, following helper methods are added

Increase performance during batch operations

SYS_CTX_UPDATE allows you to change the state of the database during a transaction to speed up operations by disabling functionalities

IN_BATCH_UPDATE: when set, the clients are not informed of the changes
IN_DISABLE_LOG: when set to true, X-Tables are not recorded
IN_DISABLE_SYNC: when set to true, changed will not be synchronized
IN_SYNC_RUNNING: Simulate synchronization running
IN_DISABLE_SEARCH: when set to true, search tables aren’t updated
IN_DISABLE_ADDRESS_VALIDATION: when set to true, address validation records aren’t insert

Remember to fix what ever you disabled by rebuilding search, reuploading database, …

Constants for settings

SET_IS_CLUSTER: returns true when cluster is active
SET_START_OF_DAY: returns time when workday starts
SET_TAX_INCLUSIVE: returns true when tax is inclusive

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