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Starting from version, you can sell physical gift cards from your online booking. When pressing ‘Buy now’, a pop-up will open where the customer can select a picture and the amount. The amounts can be fully configured and you can even allow a custom amount (click this link for the explanation). After choosing the amount, they’ll have to enter the delivery date (the first available date is 2 days from today, to give you the possibility to deliver it on time), the address details of the recipient and an optional message.

gift cardgift card 2


From our office program (or from the booking/configurator), you can then see a list of all pending gift cards. To see this list, go to Settings => Vouchers => Giftcards. You’ll see the details of all the pending gift cards, and a small icon if the transaction is not paid yet (this means someone is buying one right now, but didn’t finish the process yet). When you double click the gift card, it will show the message, and all contact details of the card list

gift card detail

When you’re ready to process the gift card and send it, just press the green ‘Done’ button. You now have 2 options.

  1. If you already have the gift card pre-printed with a QR- or barcode, select ‘Manually’ in the pop-up. You can just scan the pre-printed gift card to activate it, and it will then disappear from the pending list. The gift card becomes active, and you can now send it. (This option can be disabled per user with the user right ‘Manual giftcards’)
  2. If you don’t have a pre-printed gift card yet, or you only have the template printed but not the unique code, you can let the system generate a unique code. Press ‘Generated’ in the pop-up. The system will now try to print this gift card. If you configured a default report on the template (see right image, under ‘Print Report’), it will automatically use this one, otherwise it will ask which report you’d like to use from the available ones. Afterwards it will ask which printer you’d like to use (A4/Letter printer, ticket printer or even a member card printer)






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  1. Zijn er mogelijkheden voor verzendkosten voor een fysieke cadeaupas? Onze gasten zijn bereid om 7 euro verzendkosten te betalen voor bijvoorbeeld een oud kartbandje, met cadeaupas toe te laten sturen.

    1. Beste Jaron, dit is inderdaad een mogelijkheid. Gelieve contact op te nemen met support om dit voor je te configureren.
      Met vriendelijke groet,
      Steve Dekerf

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