With the increasing volume of clients at your venue, it is crucial to have a quick and simple sales flow that will streamline your daily operations.

Our latest version has a very important feature: reservations and offer templates to send quickly to your clients for parties, events, group bookings etc.

Until now, when you had to create an offer, you needed to create it from scratch and manually add the products into the reservation before sending the offer to the client.

From now on, you can create in advance all your standard packages, party, events and offers and use them at your convenience. What you need to do is:

1 – Create a new reservation

2 – Select the pre-defined template

3 – You’re done!

You can choose from all templates
Reservation is created a populated by products and planning automatically

Of course you are able to adapt the offer to your needs for example, add a new product or remove an extra one, change prices etc…

For party and events planning, the template will also contain the pre-defined planning schedule. This means that you just need to select the starting time and the system will generate all schedules by itself.

If you want to know how, follow this tutorial.

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