Starting from version a daily closure of the reservations is possible. The goal of this screen is to assist the trackmanager in closing all the reservations, adding comments and transferring unused downpayments to deposits or into sales.

  1. Total of down payments made on the reservation
  2. Total of down payments used during the event
  3. State of down payments. Ideally this should be zero. That means all down payments have been used.
  4. Expected sales, the total value of the offer
  5. Actual sales, the total turnover during the event. Preferably this should be equal or higher than the offer.
  6. Status of sales. Green and white are good. Red means that you actually sold less during the event as expected.
  7. Possible actions to undertake with the reservation
    1. To Deposits: the remaining part of the down payments will be converted to deposits on the account of the organizer. He can use this money at a later moment.
    2. To Sales: the unconsumed part of the down payments will be converted to sales.
      1. Products will be converted to “no-show” products and will show on the cash report
      2. In case this is not a possible, a hard-coded “no-show” product will be used to book the remainder into sales.
    3. Close: The reservation will be closed, no further actions are undertaken.
    4. Ignore: No action is undertaken on the reservation.
  8. The comment field is always stored with the reservation. This allows you to inform higher management of any anomalies during the event or explain the decision made. For example, why are the actual sales lower then the expected sales, why did you transfer the deposits to his personal account.
  9. Date picker to select date to process


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