Starting from version, a system of templates will be available in the software.  This will allow you to predefine reservations, tasks, and invoices.  You can add schedules, products, groups and memo’s in advance.


1. Define your templates

templates for reservations

  1. Fill in a clear name for the template and define the kind.
  2. Add your schedule lines.  The zero-date is set at 12:00 on January first 2000.  If you add a line at 11:00 on 1-1-2000, the template will create it one hour before your event.  If you add a line at 13:00 (1pm), it will happen one hour after your event.  If you leave persons to zero, the number will be updated later on.
  3. You can add memo lines.  Public memo’s will be copied to the newly created project, while private memo’s will be used to define the template.
  4. You can add all products you want.  If you leave the quantity to zero, it will be updated later one.
  5. You can predefine groups.

2. Use your templates

2020-03-23 09_25_31-Window

When you create a new reservation, task or invoice, the software will ask you what template you would like to start from.  If you press cancel, an empty one is created.  Otherwise, select the template you want.

3. Result

templates overview


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