From version clients are able to save the reservation schedule in their calendar automatically. When an online booking is made, there is an option “ADD TO CALENDAR”. This option will let you create automatically an event on your personal calendar.


In case the booking is made from a PC that doesn’t have an integrated calendar, it will allow saving the event as a file, that you can later import into your personal calendar. The option is available for all devices and it is based on iCal protocol, the most common one.

This option is also available in the reservations and booking confirmation emails, this means that clients can save their schedules when they receive the emails with details of the reservations. This option is only available for automail setup with record “reservation”. To activate the option you need to enable the iCal option on the email setup as you can see in the image below.


Do you want to configure it?

Write us at or and we will schedule an update.

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