Starting from version, customers can now link themselves in the Kiosk to an existing reservation.

There are 2 new components

  • The first one will show a list of all reservations around the current time. By default it will show the reservations for upcoming 2 hours (and half an hour in the past in case you show up late). There is also an option to only show ‘published’ reservations. With this option, it will only show the reservations where you manually enable the ‘published’ field to only show a few big or important reservations. You can also enable the Published button for all reservations by default, and unpublish the ones you don’t want to show.
  • The second component will allow you to scan the confirmation QR that you receive from the online booking website and from the confirmation email or you can also manually enter the confirmation code that you can also find on this website and email.

Please contact us at support@sms-timing if you want to start using it and we’ll set it up for you.

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