Our current registration system allows to create single profile and sign waiver for all kids, but also family accounts, teams etc. All options are available depending on the needs. From latest version clients are able to update their profile and register minors themselves.

Self client update

Clients can login using their email and login code and they can update their profile. If they made some mistakes in the registration, they are able to adjust it.

Clients can login and decide to edit their profile
Clients can modify their data

Register minors

Clients can update their profile and add minors under their profile as guardian or under a family. They can add all their kids and sign the waiver for all of them. All by themselves!

Minor registration

Register Minors manually

It is also possible to add minors under a guardian profile manually from the Fast booking software.

The employee can do it easily by adding manually the minors by lookup on the system (if they are registered already). If minors are not registered the employee can add them quickly by filling Name, surname and birthday(not obligatory).

Minors can be added in Relations section on adult profile
Minors can be added just filling basic information
Minors can be added as guardian or under a Family

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