Advanced Marketing: Send & Receive Digital Vouchers as PDFs

Digital vouchers and gift cards are growing in popularity: The latest consumer data reveals that in 2020, 71% of consumers used digital coupons, 51% of which prefer to receive such discounts on their mobile phone. There are several reasons why FECs should jump onto and embrace this latest trend, including:

  • It’s an eco-friendly alternative to paper/plastic gift cards.
  • They can be sent and received automatically.
  • Guests can use them for multiple activities in a variety of ways.
  • It provides your customers the perfect holiday gift solution for family and friends.

Your FEC’s perfect holiday & gift solution

Year-end holidays are some of the busiest times for FECs. They’re also a fantastic opportunity to amplify your marketing efforts, and digital vouchers are the ultimate promotional tool to help you get it done.

Fun and flexible

With BMI’s fully integrated software, you can customize and send holiday gift vouchers to your entire mailing list (or any specific segment of which) for a variety of activities and value amounts. The possibilities are truly endless! Consider these creative voucher ideas for the holidays:

  • Free entrance for all school-aged kids from 10 AM – 3PM on a weekday during the holiday school break.
  • $10 vouchers on any family laser tag or karting session.
  • 5$ off any order during weekday evenings.

Via our software system, your guests can buy digital vouchers online or at the center, and receive them directly via email or as PDF attachments. This way, they can save it in their smartphone’s E-Wallet or documents for easy use at your center!

Your guests can also send digital vouchers as a Christmas or birthday present, thank-you gift, or to reward a youngster’s good efforts.

For the less tech advanced, any digital voucher can be printed out the old-fashioned way and scanned at your FEC.

All digital vouchers can be easily customized to fit your FEC’s style. Include your logo, contact information, and any brand graphics or colors. You can also allow guests to customize any digital voucher they wish to send as a gift.

Here you can see an example of an email with the attached voucher:

Example of email containing the digital voucher
Example of a gift voucher in PDF format attached to the email

Increase guest traffic & spending through savings with digital vouchers

Everyone loves a discount. And many times, that’s all it takes to get people into your FEC. Digital vouchers are easily created, sent with the click of a button, and bring your business more visitors and revenue. The voucher design can be customized based on your customized requests or needs.

Ready to activate the digital voucher PDF option? Check out our simple tutorial HERE. The voucher design can be customized based on your customized requests or needs.

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