Voucher upsell via achievements

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There are plenty of marketing flows where you can use the gamification module. For example, you give your clients a bonus, when they buy some amount of products, but not all of them use it or remember about it. You can remind them about it by email. So, you can send to the person a voucher if he/she bought on X amount of race products, but didn’t use discounted product given as a bonus.

How configuration will look? You need to configure a few things:

  1. Voucher meta itself
    Decide what do you give to such persons. Which credit to give and for how long it can be used.

  1. Product limits
    Which products should be counted to goal client’s consumption. And which should be counted as bonus usage.
Goal consumption limit
Bonus products limit

Counter setups use these product limits
  1. Counters
    In this case you’ll need to create 2 setups of ConsumptionCounter. 1 to count full-price products and 2nd to count bonus ones. Set a start time in feature at the time till what person could buy bonus product. I might be your site close time or just midnight.

  2. Achievement
    Decide how often person can receive such promoactions and set it as the duration. Set voucher as a reward. Add 2 condition: 1st with consumption counter bigger or equal X and 2nd that bonus couner equals 0.
Achievement conditions
  1. Email
    You can use Default voucher achevement setup to send email. Provide achievement meta as parameter value of its condition.
Provided value in the setup
To find id on the achievements list press Shift+F10 and Shift+F9 to copy it
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