Staff Management Update: Login with Staff Member Card

As you know or you might know, staff members at your center can use different ways they prefer to log into our system. Each of the staff members only has certain user rights to access the data and carry on specific operations that they are allowed to. From now on, a new login method is available in our system: login by scanning the staff member cards.

Overview of all staff login methods

Login with Pin

The easiest and most common way to login into the applications is of course by using a PIN code. The employee just needs to fill in his numeric code and he is successfully logged in.

Example of PIN code login

Login with Password

An alternative to the PIN. The user must log in with the Username and Password. The password in this case can be a combination of letters, numbers, and characters.

Login with username and password

TIP: while creating users with Password e/o PIN, please make sure to choose the codes that will be as much secure as possible. A few tricks:

  • Avoiding simple sequence of number (such as 12345)
  • Excluding your personal information, such as your name/surname and other obvious words or birthdays
  • Using longer codes or passwords, preferrably more than 8 letters/characters/numbers
  • Mixing letters, special characters and numbers (Password)

NEW: Login with a staff member card

Currently, it is also possible to login into the software application by scanning the staff member cards. All you need are:

  1. Member cards for each employee
  2. A QR code scanner connected to our system
Log in with a staff member card

The key feature is using the scanner to scan a staff (or crew) plastic member card in order to log in. There are many benefits for this login method:

  • no more “OMG, I forgot my pin code/password” situation
  • Fast login with one scan
  • Less probability of abuse of the accounts from unauthoried staff

If you want to know how to configure it please follow this tutorial.

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