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Configure Passes

To configure a pass you need to : Create the Pass Configure the Pass usages and Price Create the Product Create the Pass Go to

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Customizable flags

The goal of flags is to create customized checkboxes that can be linked to multiple segments of the software.  The different segments are  Person: Any

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Create Units

In our system we allow you to create units at will to make sure features like stock and accountability are flexible to be tailored to

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Configure Staff Card

It is possible to configure staff cards that will allow employee/staff members to login with their account by simply scanning a membercard from the Fast

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How to accept gratuity

Our system allows you to accept gratuity in two ways, prior to finishing the bill or after finishing the bill. In the step by step

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Setup Waiver management

For your leisure or sport center it is very important that clients sign a liability document(s). If you want to set it up, here you

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