I have no connection to database, what can I do?

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This tutorial explains how to troubleshoot every application when you have problems to connect to the database. The steps below point out what to do and where to look to solve this situation.

What to check, How to know  and solve it
  1. Is your Timing PC on and works it properly? Can you reach the Internet through this PC? If not, please check with your System Administrator to solve the network issues.
  2. Checking Server connection
    1. Open the CMD Window on your Server (on Windows 10 simply search for ‘CMD’ in the Windows Menue, on older Windows versions click on your Keyboard ‘Windows+R’ and type ‘cmd.exe’ in the textbox)
    2. Type ‘ipconfig’ and search for the line ‘IPv4 Adress’ under the ‘Ethernet Connection’.
    3. Write down the Adress behind it (it’s like
    4. Open the CMD Window on your Timing PC
    5. Type ‘ping’ and then the address you have written down. So it has to be like ‘ping’
    6. If the test is successful then continue. If not please contact your system administrator to solve the network problem.
  3. Try to restart both devices and try again.
  4. In some cases, the firewall on the main server is running and blocking the connection, just turn it off.
  5.  If it is still not functioning, kindly contact our support for further assistance.


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