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This tutorial explains how to login to the mobile assistant. You can use the mobile assistant on all the platforms with this link:

Step By step

  • Open the configurator or booking using your Pin code.
  • Open the menu and navigate to "staff" -> "Configuration" -> "Users"
  • Here you will find the user's details.
  • Navigate to the "Login Helper" tab to see the user's login credentials. 
  • You have the following options to log in
    • Scan your QR code to login into the Mobile assistant on mobile devices.
    • Use the website link to log in on the Mobile assistant.
    • use the manual code if you want to log in manual. 
  • If user credentials are required you can fill in the username and password. 

Now that you are logged in to the mobile assistant you can use all allowed functions. If there are functions missing, please inform your manager so he/she can adjust your user rights.

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