Set up as an online payment facilitator.

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Get account information

get the following information from the account info page:
  • API Login ID
  • API Transaction Key

Create the Signature key

  1. Go to Account -> API Credentials & Keysstep1
  2. Enter your secret answer, choose “New Signature Key” and press Submitstep2
  3. You will see a long string with letters and numbers (like A2B5C3223ED453CV). This is your signature key.
  4. Put the signature key in the device settings:step3

Configure the webhook 

  1. Go to Account -> Webhooks 
  2. Press “Add Endpoint” buttonimage.png
  3. Enter the following data:
    1. Name:  Payment webhook
    2. Endpoint URL:
    3. Status: Active
  4. Below select the checkbox named “Payment events”:image.png
  5. Save your work.

Create the device in SMS-Timing

  1. Open the configurator
  2. Navigate to Menu -> devices
  3. Add a new device under the server.
  4. Search for “ online”
  5. select the device and fill in the following data:
  6. Save and test the online environment

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