How to configure discounts.

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This tutorial explains how to configure and apply discounts in the booking application.


1. Open the menu in the top right corner of the application (Booking, Configurator)
2. Go to products and select ‘Discounts’ from the menu to open the discount configuration screen.
3. Click on the ‘+’ icon. This will open a new window. Fill in the name (description) of the
4. Set the duration or expiry date for the discount.
5. Fill in the discount amount in percentage e.g 20,00%
6. Click on the ‘+’ icon next to the search field. This will open a new window. This is where the actual discount code is configured. Fill in the code e.g ‘WKND20’ or ‘20%Discount’.
7. Adapt the total instances (E.g 1 means this discount code can only be applied 1 time, 50 means the discount code can be applied for 50 times) and save the configuration.
Your discount is ready to be applied.

Extra Information:

Product limit: Certain products or product groups can be included/excluded when applying discounts to a bill based on ‘product limit’.

Duration: Till when is the discount valid.

Amount: Discount amount in percentage (%)

Code: Actual discount code usable.

Instances: xx amount of times the discount code can be applied.

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